Gigabyte B250 M Gaming 5 motherboard for Dota 2

GIGABYTE motherboard for Dota 2

As we built the DOTA 2 themed PC, we looked long and hard for a motherboard to fit the red and black theme.

Good thing GIGABYTE was there with the GIGABYTE B250M Gaming 5 motherboard.
We selected GIGABYTE because their motherboards are known to be of excellent quality.

Their tagline of having ULTRA DURABLE motherboards definitely fits their brand.

The Dota 2 Philippines PC with the GIGABYTE B250M Gaming 5 mobo

This motherboard is the perfect fit for our DOTA2 PC with the following specs:
GIGABYTE B250 Gaming 5 motherboard
Intel i5-7500 - KABY LAKE
GTX 1060 6GB
DDR4 8GB x 2

If you're looking to build a DOTA 2 pc with those in mind, check out GIGABYTE.


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