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The International Dota 2 Introduction - 2014

The biggest gaming tournament the world has ever known!

"It is part of an ancient tradition.
Old as civilization itself.

The clash of swords...
The roar of the crowd...

From great distances they have been summoned
The finest Dota teams that the game has ever known 
Destined to battle at The International

16 teams will wage war for their piece of the largest prize pool in the history of competitive gaming.

The eyes of the world turn to the International's new home of KeyArena.
Those about to clash prepare themselves for the trials about to come.

Who will emerge victorious?

The battle begins!"

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Newbee wins TI4 - 2014 Dota 2 Champions

Dota 2 players won over 470 Million Pesos in one Dota 2 tournament - TI4

Newbee (China) took home more than 218 Million Pesos by winning the International Dota 2 Championships 2014.

Newbee wins TI4!

Prize Pool Distribution:
Champion: Newbee (CHINA) - 218,043,368 PHP
2nd Place: Vici Gaming (CHINA) - 63,991,003 PHP
3rd Place: Evil Geniuses (UNITED STATES) - 45,030,680 PHP
4th Place: DK (CHINA) - 35,558,759 PHP
5th/6th: Cloud 9 (UNITED STATES) - 28,440,441 PHP
5th/6th: LGD Gaming (CHINA) - 28,440,441 PHP
7th/8th: Invictus Gaming (CHINA) - 22,515,362 PHP
7th/8th: Natus Vincere (UKRAINE) - 22,515,362 PHP
9th/10th: Titan (MALAYSIA) - 2,133,023 PHP
9th/10th: Team Liquid (UNITED STATES) - 2,133,023 PHP
11th/12th: Mousesports (EUROPEAN UNION) - 1,659,032 PHP
11th/12th: Alliance (SWEDEN) - 1,659,032 PHP
13th/14th: Empire (RUSSIA) - 948,024 PHP
13th/14th: Fnatic (EUROPEAN UNION) - 948,024 PHP

Congratulations to NEWBEE!

To buy a Newbee pennant, you can go to PINOY GAME STORE.