Gamerzclass Dota 2 Course - Campaign

Gamerzclass, a Danish company has tapped DOTA 2 PHILIPPINES to  advertise their DOTA 2 courses starting with the Topson course.

TI winner Professor TOPSON is now accepting students to his course

No tuition fees needed - it's free for 14 days thanks to Gamerzclass

Enroll now

Aghanim's Tree Tag Prison Break - Dota 2 Custom Map

Do you miss the Tree Tag maps from Warcraft 3?

You can now play a variant on the DOTA 2 engine!

Check out this SFM trailer:

Aghanim's Tree Tag Prison Break is a hide and seek game.

You are either an Ent or a Doom Guard. If you are an Ent, you can hide in the trees and win by surviving for 10 minutes. But if you are a Doom Guard, you have to capture all the Ents before the time limit is up.

To play this in the DOTA 2 ARCADE, you can check out the WORKSHOP LINK:

The International 10 Battle Pass

 Dota 2's International Battle Pass is the most awaited item every year.

For only 500 PHP, you can help support the DOTA 2 esports scene and get some cool cosmetic items as well.

To purchase, you can contact PINOY GAME STORE.

With the delay of the event due to the pandemic, the prize will not be awarded in the year 2020.

Check out all the skins and events related to DOTA 2 TI10 in-game.