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Oracle can see the future of DOTA 2.
And the future of DOTA 2 in the Philippines looks bright!

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IAP Execration sent to Starladder X

IAP Execration (Philippines) will be representing the SEA region at Starladder X in Ukraine.

Shortened team name: xctn or IAP

Interactive Philippines Execration Line-up:
1. Kim0 - Kimuel Rodis
2. Ewe -  Earlwin Libre
3. Rr - Ralph Richard PeƱano
4. Bimbo - Ryan Jay Qui
5. Foxx -  Jef Fortunato

Match Schedule:
October 23, 2014 = Thursday (Philippine time +8 GMT)
7:30 PM - Execration (Philippines) vs Na'Vi (Ukraine)
9:00 PM - Execration (Philippines) vs Virtus Pro (Russia)

October 24, 2014 = Friday (Philippine time +8 GMT)
1:30 AM - Execration (Philippines) vs Team Secret (European Union)

Good luck to Team Dota 2 Philippines!

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DOTA 2 is the number 1 FREE TO PLAY game in the Philippines.

If you're planning to switch to DOTA 2, the game has features that would help Filipino gamers have a smooth transition.

When you first run DOTA 2, this window will appear:

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Top Online Dota Games in the Philippines: (October 2014)
1. DOTA 2
2. Warcraft 3 DotA
3. League of Legends
4. Heroes of Newerth
5. Smite
6. Heroes of the Storm

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Metacritic rating: 90 / 100

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