Dota 2 Store

Tindahan ng Dota

The "Spoils of War" update introduced the Dota 2 store to all Dota players.

For as low as 30 pesos, players can start customizing their favorite Dota 2 heroes with cosmetic items which will be shown to all the spectators and players in-game.

Dota 2 Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I have to pay to play Dota 2?
No. Dota 2 is a FREE TO PLAY game.

Will all heroes be FREE in Dota 2?
Yes. There will be no need to purchase any heroes in Dota 2.

Do I have to buy from the Dota Store to get items?
Aside from the store, you can get items via trading and item drops in-game.

How do you get free Dota 2 items?
Every time you finish a matchmaking game, you earn Battle Points. Once you reach a specific number of Battle Points, you gain a Battle Level. Every time your Battle Level goes up, you get free Dota 2 loot added to your Dota 2 inventory.

Will the Dota 2 items make my character stronger?
No. All the items in the store are cosmetic items which don't affect gameplay.

Visit the Dota 2 Store now!
For Filipinos, you can visit the Pinoy Game Store - a store for Dota 2 items in the Philippines.