The International 2 Qualifiers - East

3 Filipino Dota 2 teams have been invited to the East International 2 qualifiers.
The winner of the East International qualifiers will be sent to The International 2.

Invited Philippine Dota 2 teams for the Qualifiers:

Marvin 'Lutan' Tan - Team Captain
Marc 'Mr. Swish' Parasdas
Russel 'SEL' Sandiko
Jef 'Fox' Fortunato
Bong 'BG01' Silva

Michael 'ninjaboogie' Ross - Team Captain
Jundell 'Arsian' Navaja
Chester 'LeiAiSher' Lum
Shawn 'Hachiko' Ng
Singapore YuanHing 'Blah' Teh

Kimuel 'LeumiK' Rodis - Team Captain
Angelo 'Doc' Docosin
PJ 'DoA' Bondal
Patrick 'JyC' Pascua
Rhymel 'Memel' Olete
Mark 'Cast' Pilar

You can watch the live stream of the matches here on the website.

Tournament results:
Duskbin (Philippines) takes 4th place.

Updates will be posted via Facebook and Twitter.