The Masked Warrior - TI7 Short Film DOTA 2

The future for Filipino cinema looks bright!

Dary Ow and his crew created a short film about DOTA 2 hero Juggernaut as their entry for The International 2017 Film contest.


Ryan De Vera as Juggernaut
Rodolfo Muyuela as Old Man
Joel Garcia as The Boss
Allan Salamnca as The Beast
Zack Bulatao as The Big Guy
Kuya Bata as The Fighter
Sir Rex Kantatero as The Weakling
Francis Chan as The Badass

Dary Ow - Writer/Director/Editor/VFX
Mark Putian Asst. - Director/Colorist/VFX
Ark Abordo - Prod. Manager/Talent Manager
Cyrene Laurente - Asst. Prod. Manager
Krisdel Ingreso - Wardrobe Designer
Josh Gapasin - Scorer/Sound Design
Alle Bayas - Make up Artist/Prothetics
Eyat Bayas & Ji Espiritu - Makeup Artist
Ferdinand Santos - Aerialist/BTS Editor
Carlo De Guzman & Josua Olasiman - Photographer
Kurt Padilla - Videographer
Christopher Ocsin - BTS Videographer
Josua Olasiman & Ryan Quiliza - Production Assistant

Daryl Kervin Sanchez - (Bananamangotango)
Mike Frianaza

Patrick Grama
Rachel Pualengco
Mac Tag
Ronwell Capistrano
Christian Santos
Maria Flor Villa Luz
Jeffric Berbenza
Julie Anne Garcia
Ronaldo Sawali

"As the great war ended, the masked warrior vanished and has never been seen for years, until today."
This film was created by Wonderlast Films Partnered with Enduins.


Dota 2 TI7 Prize Pool - over 1 Billion Pesos

Dota 2 keeps breaking eSports year after year.

The TI7 Dota 2 prize pool has now reached more than 1 billion pesos thanks to the crowdfunding of Dota 2 players from around the world.

With 2 Filipino Dota 2 teams competing at the event, the Philippines has a huge chance of earning millions of pesos thanks to this tournament.

Good luck to both TNC and Execration!