TNC Gaming is going to TI6!

Filipino Dota 2 team qualifies for TI6
The Philippines will be sending a representative to The International this 2016.

TNC's TI6 SEA Qualifier win ends the 5 year TI drought for the Philippines.
(Mineski was invited to the first TI back in 2011)

Defeating Execration (Philippines) and Fnatic (Malaysia) in the tie-breakers clinched the TI6 spot for the Filipino Dota 2 team.

TI6 Line-up for TNC Dota 2 team:
Raven - Marc Polo Luis Fausto (Philippines)
Kuku - Carlo Palad (Philippines)
Sam_H - Samson Solomon Enojosa Hidalgo (Philippines)
eyyou - Nico Manalaysay Barcelon (Philippines) - Captain
DeMoN - Jimmy Ho (United States)

Good luck to TNC!