Dota 2 Custom Maps

Warcraft 3 custom maps made Warcraft III one of the most popular games in the Philippines for over a decade. The DOTA 2 REBORN update aims to capture that essence and spread it to a new generation of Filipino gamers.

With the release of the custom map editing tools, we expect a lot of Warcraft 3 map makers to switch to DOTA 2 - the most popular game in the Philippines.

Popular Warcraft 3 Custom Maps in the Philippines (not including DotA):
1. Tree Tag
2. Pudge Wars
3. Fufu United Ninja All-Stars
4. Tower Defense maps
5. Vampirism
6. Elimination Tournament
7. Uther's Party
8. Warlocks
9. Dodgeball
10. Footman Frenzy 

Dota 2 Custom Maps Trailer:

What Warcraft 3 custom maps would you like to play in DOTA 2?