Free Online Games in the Philippines

DOTA 2 is the number 1 FREE TO PLAY game in the Philippines.

If you're planning to switch to DOTA 2, the game has features that would help Filipino gamers have a smooth transition.

When you first run DOTA 2, this window will appear:

Select the game that you played prior to switching to the most popular game in the Philippines.

Top Online Dota Games in the Philippines: (October 2014)
1. DOTA 2
2. Warcraft 3 DotA
3. League of Legends
4. Heroes of Newerth
5. Smite
6. Heroes of the Storm

DOTA 2 is the highest rated MOBA / Action RTS / AoS in the gaming industry!
Metacritic rating: 90 / 100

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