TI4 SEA Region Qualifiers - Dota 2

Dota 2 SEA Region Qualifiers for The International 2014

10 Dota 2 teams from Southeast Asia will be competing to qualify for TI4.

2 Philippine Dota 2 teams have been invited to the Qualfiers.

The SEA qualifiers will start happen from May 16 to May 19. (12 PM +8 GMT)

Teams for the TI4 SEA Qualifiers:
1. Execration (Philippines)
2. Mineski (Philippines)
3. MVP Phoenix (South Korea)
4. Zephyr (South Korea)
5. MiTH.Trust (Thailand)
6. Scythe Gaming (Singapore)
7. First Departure (Singapore)
8. Arrow Gaming (Malaysia)
9. Orange Esports (Malaysia)
10. Rex Regum Qeon (Indonesia)

Cheer for the Pinoy Dota 2 teams!

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