Dota 2 LAN in the Philippines

On September 24, 2013, LAN mode was added to DOTA 2.

LAN = Local Area Network

Dota 2 is free. The Dota 2 LAN is free!

Filipino Dota 2 players will now be able to play Dota 2 on their own local area networks. LAN mode allows players to play Dota 2 at home, school, the office and internet cafes with reduced latency.

No need to worry about high ping numbers thanks to LAN. 

LAN mode makes it easier for:
- event organizers to organize Dota 2 tournaments
- companies to hold Dota 2 team building exercises
- teams to practice playing Dota 2 at a LAN tournament setting
- groups of friends to organize LAN parties
- internet cafes owners to accommodate dozens of customers who play Dota 2

Notes about Dota2 LAN:
- Local servers allow players on the same physical network to connect to a locally hosted game. Just select "Create Local Lobby" to create a  Dota 2 LAN game.

- Players can see Local Lobbies available on their physical network by going to "Find a Lobby" and selecting the "Local Lobbies" tab.

We're encouraging every internet cafe owner to make use of the LAN feature.

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