Dota o Ako

Dota o Ako song

To celebrate Dota 2's release, here's the music video of the Filipino hit song:

Song title: DotA or me / Dota o Ako
Artist: Aikee featuring Sabrina
Download via iTunes: Dota o Ako - Aikee feat Sabrina

A line by line translation for foreign Dota 2 players.

Guy dialogue:
There is only one Dota in the world
Girlfriends? There's a lot of them.
Your girlfriends will eventually leave you.
Dota won't.
Girlfriends get angry if you play Dota.
Dota doesn't get mad when you're playing with your girlfriend.
Dota's happy with your 20 pesos (Average PC usage rate for an hour)
Your girlfriend? Maybe even 200 won't be enough...
If you try out a new hero, Dota doesn't get mad.
But if you start seeing another girl, your girlfriend gets mad.
If you leave your girl, it's so hard to go back
If you leave Dota, it's always there to welcome you back.

Which would you rather prefer? Dota or girlfriend?

Girl sings:
Which would you choose? Dota or me?
What would you rather have?
Whenever I'm with you, that's what you always think about.
Which would you choose? Dota or me?
What am I to you?
The important thing is you actually love me.

Guy raps:
Defense of the Ancients - come on everyone and let's play Dota
Rain or storm, it doesn't matter even if we're playing while wearing rain boots
Call up your friends, let's start the countdown
Everybody push, get ready for gangbang
First Blood! The blood has been spilled
Within 3 minutes - well, that was really fast
It's just like basketball where they make me Like Mike (Michael Jordan reference)
I'm racking all the kills - now, I'm godlike
Go Tiny, can you please stun and toss him
After that, we're gonna go Roshan
Nice strategy... like we were part of Mineski (Philippine Dota 2 team)
And skills are tight like Aikee (the guy rapping - self reference)
Destroy the last tower. That win is within our grasp
Let's destroy that tree of Mulawin (Radiant Ancient)
Good game! Maybe next time, sir. Imba! I'm sorry. GG sir!

Guy raps
Whenever I play Dota, it feels so good that problems are forgotten
I'm not over dramatizing, just see the difference for yourself
Whenever your girlfriend hurts you, your heart gets devastated
When you have money, 20 pesos goes to Dota and the rest goes to the girlfriend
But Dota won't be able to love you back
It just gives a whole lot of fun for everyone

Girl sings:
What do you see in Dota that you don't see in me?
Can your Dota love you like the way I do
Dota is a game that you can play
But you can't do the same to me or I'll get hurt

Guy speaks:
Dota is a good invention.
It's a fun game played by people.
But you have to prioritize your studies for a better future
So that you'll have the face to show to everyone

To all Warcraft DotA players who have not yet switched to Dota 2:
Libre po ang Dota 2. (Dota 2 is free)
Hindi kailangang i-pirate / bilhin. (You don't need to pirate it / buy the game.)
Ba't ka pa magpapahuli? (Let's not get left behind by the rest of the world.)

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