Elder Titan in Dota 2

Elder Titan (Tauren Chieftain) has been added to the world of Dota 2.

As more and more Dota heroes are added to Dota 2, the game comes closer to completion.
11 DotA 1 heroes to go (as of the DotA 6.78 patch)

We encourage everyone to share your extra Dota 2 gifts via the Dota 2 PH Steam Group.

Skywrath Mage in Dota 2

Skywrath Mage has been added to Dota 2.

One of the goals for Dota 2 is to have as many Filipinos playing and enjoying the game as possible. To do this, measures like the report function are constantly being improved and built upon. We encourage you to report toxic players to discourage negative attitudes among the Pinoy Dota 2 community.

Encourage new players instead of flaming them and limit the trash talking.

To ensure a fun and competitive experience, we suggest playing Dota 2 together with your friends.

Bristleback in Dota 2

Bristleback has been to added to Dota 2.

All Steam friends can now be added or removed from within Dota 2!

With the ability to confirm / ignore friend requests from within the game, there's no excuse not to interact with the rest of the Filipino Dota 2 community. Add people you like playing with and tell all your non-Dota2 playing friends about the social features of this free to play game so you can all play together at your local internet cafes.