Dota 2 Philippines YouTube Contest

Tired of being too slow to snatch a key every time we post key codes via Facebook and Steam?

We're giving another way to get yourself one of those limited Dota 2 keys and be able to play Dota 2 once and for all.

How? Be creative!

Just upload a video of yourself / group on YouTube. We won't care what you do in the video (sing, dance, stage a play, etc.) as long as the content is appropriate. As long as the video contains someone holding an actual sign with the words: "Dota 2 Philippines" and your YouTube username, you're free to let your creative juices flow.

1) Upload a YouTube video on your channel.
2) The video should contain an actual sign with your YouTube username and the words: "Dota 2 Philippines".
3) The video description must contain: " YouTube contest"
4) Subscribe to the Dota 2 Philippines YouTube Channel (
5) Send a YouTube message to dota2ph with a link to your entry.

1) The contestant must be a resident of the Philippines.
2) The uploaded YouTube video must not be uploaded before September 23, 2012.
3) Last day of submission: September 29, 2012 (Saturday) - 11:59 PM.

Winners will be announced on September 30, 2012 (Sunday).


How many YouTube participants will be given a Dota 2 invite?
The maximum number of keys to be given out will depend on the number of shares for this status message.

What should I do in the video?
You can sing, dance, do a little movie, have a play, etc. It does not matter. As long as you show a real world sign with your YouTube username and the words: Dota 2 Philippines and the content is appropriate, we will accept it as an entry. (The sign must be filmed and not added digitally in order to be accepted).

Unleash your inner cunning!