Fishtea - 1st Esports Festival Dota 2 Champions

Cebu City, Philippines - Fishtea won the 1st Esports Festival tournament organized by the Philippine E-Sports Organization - an organization dedicated in promoting electronic sports in the Philippines.

The 1st Philippine E-Sports Festival (August 25-26, 2012 - Cebu City)

Tournament Results:
Champion: Fishtea - 8,000 PHP + Plaque + Dota 2 in-game item
2nd place: Tay-an - 4,000.00 PHP + Plaque + Dota 2 in-game item
3rd place: Point Blank - 2,000.00 PHP + Plaque + Dota 2 in-game item

Congratulations Fishtea!

Fishtea Roster - Dota 2 Champion:
1. Jr Tan
2. Michael Ross
3. James Mendoza
4. Prince Poligrates
5. Jundell Navaja
6. Marvin Rushton Salvador

Additional notes:
To the team captains of Fishtea, Tay-an and Point Blank, please monitor your Steam accounts as we will be sending the Dota 2 couriers to your registered profiles within the week.

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