Rubick in Dota 2

Rubick has been added to Dota 2.

This update brings forth improvements to the competitive functions available in Dota 2 in which future Dota 2 tournaments can utilize. Competitive Filipino Dota 2 teams like Duskbin and Mineski will also be able to take advantage of the Team system.

The Team system allows teams to track their performance level in their Dota 2 matches. To further promote the growth of eSports, teams will be able to upload their team logos and decals and have it displayed inside the game.

Additional Notes:

Congratulations to Coerce for winning the first leg of the Gigabyte - Pacific DOTA 2 tournament!

Team Coerce Roster:
Mark "Cast" Pilar
Russel "SEL" Sandiko
Von Kristoffer "Vonjour" Udarbe
Jef "Fox" Fortunato
Jessie Cristy "Vash" Cuyco