Support Duskbin's bid to The International 2

As one of the biggest DotA markets outside of China, we would to invite all Filipino Dota 2 fans to help support Duskbin's bid to the International 2 in Seattle, Washington.

Duskbin is currently ranked as one of the TOP 5 Dota 2 teams in the Southeast Asian region and has proven themselves worthy of competing against the top Dota 2 teams in the world by having a stable roster and a winning record in LAN Dota 2 competitions both locally and abroad.

DuskBin's Dota 2 team
DuskBin's Dota 2 Roster:
Michael 'ninjaboogie' Ross - Team Captain
Marc 'Mr.Swish' Parasdas
Mark 'Cast' Pilar
Jundell 'Arsian' Navaja
Chester 'LeiAiSher' Lum

Duskbin's Dota 2 Achievements:
Champion - THE EVOLUTION (Singapore)
Champion - Pinoy Gaming Festival Summer (Philippines)
Champion - Mineski Infinity Opening Tournament (Philippines)
Champion - JoinDota SEA Open

The Philippine Dota 2 community fully supports Duskbin's bid.

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