Ogre Magi in Dota 2

Ogre Magi has joined the multiple heroes already implemented in Dota 2.

With this update, a brand new interface for Dota 2 has been introduced.
Please welcome the Dota 2 card system!

Once again, we are inviting all Filipino DotA teams to start joining the Dota 2 pledge. We will continue giving away more Dota 2 invites to competitive Pinoy Dota 2 teams. And to promote the growth of eSports, millions of pesos will be given to the best Dota 2 teams who will play in Seattle this September 2012.

Dota 2 will be a FREE TO PLAY game that will cater to the Philippine market.

Help spread the word of Dota 2 and the upcoming The International 2.